Dmitry Zelenkovsky

Software Development

Experienced software enthusiast with ability to think in terms of product. Capable of creating a team or helping existing team to focus on results. Hands on software developer, open-source for business advocate and entrepreneur.

Work Experiences

LG Electronics

Santa Clara, USA
Team Lead
2014 - Present

Car Simulator: Developing multi-purpose Interactive Car Simulator. Provide immerse VR experience, full integration with vehicle IVI and cluster sub-systems, including virtual backup camera. Suitable for self-driving AI training and validation.

WebOS: Started as a Software Engineer in the team responsible for creating a stunning UI for next generation of LG Smart TV with Qt, QML and OpenGL.

Seed4.Me VPN

World Wide
2011 - Present

VPN Backend: A VPN service provider with global server infrastructure in more then 20 countries around the world. Provides a secure Internet connection in public places for more then 2.5M users. Scaled VPN network to handle hundreds of Terabytes data flow per month.


Berlin, Germany
Software Engineer
2011 - 2014

Map Compiler: Developing tools for processing map data in the cloud. parallel computing of "big data", diff/patch algorithms, statistics.

Mirror Link: Bringing mobile experience to the Car. Developing new technology to extend car connectivity using Windows Phone in new Nokia products.


Helsinki, Finland
Team Lead
2008 - 2011

MeeGo: Leading the development of messaging subsystem for MeeGo Platform:

  • Architecture and Development for the MMS subsystem at Nokia N9
  • Architecture and Development for common UI parts in SMS, MMS, Email and Caledar applications for Nokia N9.
  • Development and adaptation of QMF and account frameworks on MeeGo for N9.

Maemo: Research and Development for N900 and Maemo platform.


St.-Petersburg, Russia
Team Lead
2004 - 2008

Bluetooth: Project Technical leader. Making architectural decisions, negotiations with customer on technical topics, configuration management, software development, driver development.


Ph.D Computer Science (incomplete)

St.-Petersburg State University
Postgraduate student. Ph.D thesis subject: "Max-Flow search algorithm optimization". Ph.D is incomplete.

MSc/BSc Applied Mathematics

St-Petersburg State University.
Faculty of Mathematics & Mechanics. Applied Mathematics department. Diploma with Honor.

Private School

Sosnovy Bor
2007 - 2010
Private School with extended mathematics curriculum in Sosnovy Bor.

Professional Skills

Top Skills


Embedded Software

Expert, 12 years
Embedded Software development is what I was doing during most of my professional career. I'm capable of solving most complex issues, like system-wide performance, memory and battery life optimization. I know how to do that right.


Expert, 8 years
C/C++ and Qt/QML were my main development tools during many years. I'm the author of several patches for Qt code base, including WBMP image codec.


Advanced, 6 years
Networks, scalable backend architecture, cloud deployment and automation require different mindset from software developer. I've passed a way from hosting a single LAMP server to managing hundreds through automation.

Other Skills

Qt/QML Javascript PHP Docker Git
HTML Bootstrap Perl MySQL Linux Photoshop


Car Simulator

AGL Linux & Unity3D

Seed4.Me VPN

CakePHP & Ansible

Mirror Link

Qt/QML & Linux

Nokia N9

C/C++ & Qt/QML

Nokia N900

C/C++ & Qt

Motorola Bluetooth

C/C++ & Windows DDK


Get in Touch

I'm currently leading a research project at LG, finding simple solutions for complex problems.

Get in touch with me if you need help with anything below:

  • Provide technical expertise, mentor team and architect software products
  • Lead existing team toward achieving challenging development goals
  • Assemble new team with skills required for completing the project
  • Data driven software product development
  • UX prototyping

Drop me a line at [email protected] or call at +1 (669) 237 9939